Welcome to JMX an IT solution house for boutique businesses.
Making intergrated IT - simple, accessable and works for your enterprise.

What We Do

If you 'can’t measure it you can’t manage it'. With many of today’s businesses using "virtual offices" and with society's increase use of 'mobile apps' - in order to gain an advantage companies need to embrace these new working practices . JMX offers a range of cloud based on-line solutions to meet the needs of todays boutique businesses.


How do We Do it

The key is no investment in anything new. We simply enable you to use what you have better. We integrate laptops, tablets, mobile phones into the cloud; thus enabling your business, your clients, other interested parties - secure access to the data they need. Whether it be for marketing, order management, invoicing, stock control, shipping, payments we have experience providing solutions to all.


Some of our Clients

Our clients range from the 'one man band' to the medium enterprise. On occasion we have done work for various departments of major multinationals. Below is a snap-shot selection of some of our clients and their solutions.x



Off the Shelf Solutions

We have a number of "off the self solutions". If you are in the Pet Walkers, Trainers, Groomers, Sitters, or Boarding market ... you might interested in our pet services product.

Click here: Dog Walking & Care

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